Anal Douching: Expert Tips in Buying the Latest Trend

Comes with anal sex some preparation: First, mental for those who are initiated, but also hygienic. Of course, we take a shower and make sure the area is “spick and span”, but some go further by performing an anal shower. What is it? Experts demystify the practice of best anal douches. Bespoke Surgical tells that great anal hygiene is important.

No, it’s not just about putting the shower head on the area for a few seconds. To precede, a tool, an anal shower, is necessary in order to clean the inside of the rectum. The goal: to free him from any stool residues so as not to give off an unpleasant odor or leave a deposit on the partner’s limb during or after the leg part in the air.

Dangerous for your health

If no study has yet been done on the dangerousness of the process, the gastroenterologist and the sexologist say that a mild enema of the area carries no risk. However, repeated or too strong showers can cause tears or fissures in the anus in the long run.

It can also interfere with the normal functioning of the glands, causing itching, dryness and discomfort. Internally, the introduction of water jets in the rectum can also traumatize the skin and, if they are too vigorous, it can perforate the rectum. It’s rare, but it can happen.

People really use anything. It may be appropriate to take a neutral liquid of distilled water. But the shower can hardly be neutral. The water is not neutral; it contains plenty of minerals, so it sure has effects on the anal mucosa. When we insert a foreign body in our body, it is sure that ‘he reacts. Unfortunately, there are not enough studies to tell us how.

The water inserted into the rectum, one of the main channels of the digestive system, however, would not affect digestion, according to expert. Food breaks down in the stomach and duodenum. They are absorbed into the small intestine, and then the colon concentrates the stools by storing and eliminating them. The rectum simply plays the role of expulsion of excrement, so no danger of affecting stool elimination in there inserting liquid. Contrary to what some might think no laxative effect, diarrhea or constipation in the program.

On the sexual health side, there is still no evidence that the practice is more exposing to sexually transmitted infections, but a study from the Department of Epidemiology pointed to the fact that people doing anal sex. Basically, there is a greater risk of getting STBBIs, including HIV, and rectal douche could contribute significantly to transmission. However, if people have healthy sexual practices, they protect themselves; professionals do not see why a little water in the rectum could increase the risk of transmission.

The practice is still marginal and the health impacts poorly documented and known to the medical community. The proof: the Association of Gastroenterologists, the Federation of General Practitioners and even the clinic specialized in sexual health refused to pronounce on the anal shower, pleading to have no expert on the topic.

Just for gay?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just homosexuals who use the rectal douche, but all the people indulging in anal penetration. According to research, however, a prevalence of men doing anal sex has already showered: 70% vs. 32% of women.

How to do?

The apparatus consists of a pear equipped with a reservoir and a stem which, if it is inserted in the anus. It’s really similar to a vaginal shower that some use elsewhere also to clean their posterior.

According to the instructions of the famous sexologists, just fill the bulb with lukewarm water, lubricate the stem to facilitate penetration and then inject the amount of water that makes you comfortable. It is advisable to keep the water inside for a few seconds and then to evacuate it on the toilet. It is recommended to start again until the water comes out clear.

The web star insists: it is very important to ensure that the water is completely out, even if you want to stay a few more minutes on the throne, to avoid damage in bed. Anal showers or rectal pears are on sale online, in erotic shops or pharmacies.

The enema is a tribal practice, which one must not be disgusted. It is the poetics of the bowels, the metaphysics of the membranes. We play with his poop, where it’s poop, animal regression and brutal mentally beyond consciousness and propriety. The enema consists of introducing a liquid through the anus, into the rectum and into the colon. It aims to facilitate the evacuation of solids from the intestine. He now succeeds the clysters which also designated, until the nineteenth century, the syringe used to inject the liquid. Nothing prepares and relaxes better than a good enema. Apart from the hygienic and practical aspect, they can also constitute for some real preliminary that can be exciting. The sensation caused by an enema is very strange; it can be close to diarrhea and cause minor spasms. It gives the feeling of being full.

It often puts you in touch with shit, because even if the partner does an enema before, it sometimes remains a little dirty and messy. When he gives himself to your hand, he-she knowingly renounces that form of dignity that consists of hiding to defecate. Shame sometimes mixes with pleasure, an aphrodisiac cocktail. And the pleasure of being fisted doubles the pleasure of having exceeded the limit of good taste. Since you are little, you are told that poo is “poo”.

You grow up with the idea that your body produces toxic, dangerous, harmful things that smell and are disgusting. And when you make love, you learn to reconcile yourself with this “shit bag” that is your body; because the person who “fancies” you does it by taking pleasure and giving you love. This body becomes the battlefield of contradictory feelings that are resolved by victory: if you enjoy, it does not matter that your buttocks are smeared like the hands of your partner, if you enjoy it is that there is way to transform the shit in gold. The fist comes from alchemy. It’s a work with sexual black.

Depending on the amount of liquid injected, one feels a very particular impression of “invasion” and “filling”. Holding back is also very enjoyable.

Better not to do this cleaning too much-too often. This damages the intestinal flora. This is not good for health and will cause intestinal disorders. To remedy this in part, you can eat yogurt and take pro-biotic. The water destroys a part of the flora, but it reconstitutes quickly.

The first ablutions are laborious; we cannot always be clean. We progress with experience and each body has its peculiarities that it is to learn. It should be noted that enemas do not deform organs and are not dangerous to health. First, clean the equipment with a disinfectant to prevent all bacteria and STIs. Enemas are not dangerous if some rules are respected. Do not over-force the capacity. After each session and each partner, the material should be cleaned by soaking it in 10% bleach solution for 10 minutes. Then let it dry.