Your next-level role-play: Pet play 101

It’s safe to say that most of us are no strangers to all sorts of kinks and fetishes today. However, some of them are still pretty taboo and obscure for ordinary people to wrap their heads around. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t know about them. As such, we’re here to take you through the ins and outs of pet play.

What is pet play?

Namely, this form of sexual fetishism is a kind of animal role-play. It involves two partners — a handler and their pet. It’s a kind of a dom/sub relationship, similar to many other BDSM patterns. Nevertheless, pet play doesn’t have to involve any aspects of bondage and overall rough intercourse. The pet roles can range from dogs (puppies) to other animals like cows and ponies, but we’ll get into that a bit later.

Curiosity is a big part of this kink. Just like all pets, the sub will act all happy when they see their handler, sniffing everything and anything near them. In some ways, the relationship can be careless, but that doesn’t mean there’s no love involved. So if the pet acts good enough, the dom might allow them to sniff their crotch and even give them a tap or two on the back.

Why do people enjoy pet play?

There are numerous reasons why people would enjoy such a kink. Here are four of them:

  • Bondage — Pet play doesn’t necessarily need to involve any form of bondage to work, but lots of people include it anyway. Namely, this form of BDSM insists on the dom consensually tying their pet with either a rope, tape, or cuffs during intercourse. They may also restrain their partner from stimulation.
  • Humiliation — Most people come into pet play to leave their human self behind. By stripping their identity and indulging in animalistic behavior, they consent to humiliation. In their minds, they find this act cathartic and liberating. It simply feels good to forget real life and degrade yourself.
  • Ownership — Pet play is full of power exchange dynamics, allowing the handler to own their darling in some ways. They train them the way they like, treat them as property, and it’s just what the pet is looking for. The sub wants to be dependent, and pet play is the perfect sex idea to accomplish that.
  • Autozoophilia — Behaving like an animal is what makes some people get off. It’s their sexual fetish, and unleashing your inner beast is the way to reach it. Dressing up in costumes and incorporating animalistic manners and behavior is simply a part of the role-play itself, and that’s what we call autozoophilia.

Pet play roles

This fetish is pretty versatile and open to all sorts of ideas and fantasies. Hence, you can find that some people enjoy playing the role of a dog, while others will act like horses or even pigs if they feel like it. It all comes down to your overall mood. If you want to mimic one particular animal, you can find costumes that will help you bring the fantasy one step closer to reality.

Some of the most common roles are puppies, kitties, foxes, ponies, pigs, and cows. Of course, they don’t need to be sweet and tiny like puppies and kitties. You can act like a mature dog or cat if you want to. Again, anything goes. Let’s say you’d like to be a fox. Well, you can go get a real fox tail (a sex toy/garment) and play with it in the bedroom with your partner. You can easily order fox tail butt plugs online by clicking

Groups that indulge in animal role-play


The first group is the furries. These people enjoy dressing up and acting as cartoon animals more than actual ones. Their goal isn’t to mimic animals realistically but rather to enjoy a pop culture character. Hence, you might find some fantasy creatures besides your usual cats and dogs.

Furries enjoy human qualities in their favorite animalistic characters. In other words, they find anthropomorphic animals to role-play. It’s not uncommon for them to create a character with their unique persona. It functions as their avatar in the community, an escapist fantasy they can turn to when they need it the most.


On the other hand, you’ve got your regular cosplayers. These people are into it because of the costumes. Sometimes, they don’t even look for sex or any form of intimacy. Their idea is to make the most realistic costume they can. Cosplayers can find interest in any form of pop culture, creating outfits for superheroes as much as sex pets.


The third group consists of primals. Although it’s easy to confuse them with furries, they’re quite different. Some even argue that they’re a sex fetish of their own. But hey, let’s not get into too many subgenres and classifications. The thing is, primals enjoy the beast inside them; they don’t care for cute puppy stuff.

Some of them might enjoy biting, howling, or other forms of animal behavior. Either way, they’re a bit more extreme than the rest. This isn’t to say that primals are dangerous. They’re not really. It all depends on the person you’re role-playing with. Their idea is simply to leave their human identity to the day and live their nights as beasts within them.

Sex toys for pet play

Like any other kink out there, animal role-play can hugely benefit from the use of sex toys and adult gadgets. This is because you can immerse yourself deeper into your fantasy by using costumes, masks, realistic tails, and other products. You can even get canine and horse dildos if you like. Your options are countless.

Our favorites are certainly tail plugs. Yup, an anal plug with a tail on it that feels great while looking cool. Of course, tails come in the forms of all animals, from foxes to horses. Hence, you can fully embrace your animal self, using your tail to show your mood just like real animals do.