Knowing the Basics of Butt Plug Use

“Nature does not tolerate emptiness,” popular wisdom says. So, if there is an empty seat, we will fill it up. Sex toys with swapping – this option will be good for novice users, and for experimenters with experience. These are devices that are comfortable for insertion into size, whether it is the vagina or anus, which increase during the process of sex or masturbation, expanding the boundaries of pleasure and pleasure. So, how can we please you on this topic, catch it:

Swing Anal Toys

Do you want to know the feeling of maximum fullness and experiment with the size of an anal toy ? Then the swap option is what the doctor ordered. To suit:

  • For training before anal sex
  • For lovers of fisting
  • For seekers of new sensations and sexual experiences
  • To narrow the vagina as much as possible
  • For prostate massage

Butt plug Seven Creations tried for you, our buyer, and released several options forsuch a device .

Excellent anal tube of latex skin color with a pear swap Butt the Plug With Vibrator Pump . The cork itself is hard enough to easily penetrate the anus . A latex cover on top , an air cushion is created between it and the inside by compressing and unclamping the pear . You can adjust its size within yourself , guided by your feelings and desires. Moreover, this thing also vibrates . There iswheel for smooth adjustment of intensity and a button on the pear for instant bleeding . The length of the toy does not change , but the diameter falls to 10 cm . The reviews are positive , the price is just great . There is a black version and a smaller diameter at rest. You can also know what is rimming butt plug.

And if you use cork during masturbation, the suction cup option made of medical silicone will free your hands for other interesting things.

Do you want more interesting form to enter you? Herringbone with Vibration and Swapping the Knight your option.

A versatile Zeppelin Black Inflatable Anal Wand with an impressive length of 18 cm is ideal for anal and vaginal satisfaction. Latex material, three spherical thickenings on the trunk, pear for pumping with a momentary deflation button. Blossom Expanding Inflatable Vibrio Passion Colors. Vibration extends over the entire length of the toy; control is similar to the previous one.

The Orion brand has very similar universal stoppers – with two balls-thickenings 13 cm long made of red silicone, and with one thickeningat the end of black latex.

Vibration in all these plugs is regulated by means of a remote control panel. This remote is battery operated and is attached to the device with a cord. Pay attention to a series of anal sleeves with a teardrop shape and a small initial diameter. Inflating, they turn into a ball. If you are looking for butt plugs, buy one now at Loveplugs.

The Pleasure brand offers cute hot pink butt plugs and sleeves, and of course there are several swapping options. A cork with a diameter of 4 cm and a length of 12 cm. Pleasure gently slips into your ass; with one hand you can change its sizeinside yourself or partner. Need a vibration? There is such a thing – Pleasure Small. Is the diameter too small? Take more! All plugs with a suction cup at the end can be attached to any smooth and even surface. I do not like pink – we have a black booty pumper, with a pear, on a suction cup.

Phallus Swing Toys


When choosing, focus on the initial size of the gadget, evaluate your capabilities really. If it is an anal stimulator, then the hole must be trained gradually and carefully, so that beginners need a smaller size. And we start with 4 cm.

Smooth universal massager Seven Creations can be used as an anal stimulator or as a dildo. Swells up to 10 cm in diameter, length 16 cm. No stopper, act sensibly! Longer by a couple, see Colt Gear by California Exotic.

One moreBaile’s dildo in black and realistic relief with a slightly curved head. This form may be a prostate massager, easily would get a male point of the G. The diameter in the initial state of 4.5 cm. There is a vibration; the intensity is regulated by the remote control. With limiter at the base.

The huge Pump dildo Black Latex Balloon looks like black thin leather, a phallus in the style of BDSM. It looks very impressive and exciting, it seems that fill all the space inside, but no – there is still a swap.

Thought to do pegging, or are you a pair of LJ? For a comprehensive orgasm just need a strap on. A great option – strap on swap expander inflatable strap on. Convenient mount on the straps, adjustable in size from “thin” to “donut”. Made of black latex, texture realistic. Despite the fact that the phallus is not a giant, in length this is compensated for by the maximum diameter when pumping.

Want to frolic together and at the same time? For such a game there is a double dildo .Black relief barrel, smooth shiny head and scrotum, vibration and two control panels, two pears for pumping air, in general – all for a pair of orgasms.

For prostate massage

The device, which combines the benefits and fun at the same time – this massager prostate Leonard from Pretty Love with vibration and expansion function. Here you will not see the manual pear for swap, everything happens automatically – by simply pressing a button. In a built-in battery, waterproof, velvety silicone, 3 types of vibration and 12 speeds fully justify the price of the massager. In capable hands he will serve not only a man, but also a woman.

For clitoral stimulation

There are some toys that do not increase in size due to the pumping of air, but rather create a vacuum using a special pear. At the same time, the sensations are like sucking or pulsation, which creates additional stimulation of the nipples, the clitoris, and the perineum. Can be both with vibration, and without. Small diameter – stimulate the clitoris, larger diameter – covers the entire pussy, along with the labia.

Vaginal pump Vibrating Sucking Vagina Pump from Doc Johnson combines several modes of vibration, 3 pump speeds, convenient control on the handle, rechargeable battery and convenient size. Creates a vacuum automatically, without a pear. Feels like a high-quality Cooney.

If you are looking for something cheaper and you are not afraid of working with your hands, then the clitoral pump from California Exotic Novelties is for you. Violet, transparent, with sparkles, similar to a watering can from the soul, with several variants of vibration. There are in pink for romantic girls-girls. Cosmopolitan shared how to use butt plug.

There are no boundaries for perfection. Develop your erotic fantasy with intimshop , and yoursSex life will be long and sooooo interesting