Guide to Using Anal Beads for the First Time

Do you want to go further with your partner than just deducting and sucking? Anal sex is something you may never have done before, so that is why this article is definitely worth it. But also for the experienced lover of sex through the back, we have interesting information for you. What should you pay attention to for example in anal sex? Which sex toys is enrichment for your anal sex life? And is it necessary to flush anally before the exciting work begins? How to use anal beads? With these tips and information we hope that your sex life will become even more pleasant, fun and exciting. Not only for you, also for your partner. Learn also from Learn About to use anal beads.

Have you never had anal sex before?

Have you never had anal sex before? Then it is important to read this. The anus is very sensitive and small, so start slowly and carefully. It is very important that you are relaxed, because otherwise the sphincter will work even more. It is nice if you went to the toilet in advance and washed the anus inside and out. That way you do not have to be anxious about it during sex. When you are tense, make sure that you and your partner get really excited first. Let him gently stroke your buttocks and anus with his fingers or tongue. Once you are relaxed, your partner can gently insert his finger into your anus. With a little saliva or anal lubricant this goes much smoother. Then your partner can go a little deeper so that the sphincter is slightly stretched.

Then try to go into the anus with the tip of the penis. At the first touch the outer ring muscle cramps. This is a reflex, which only lasts for a short time. When the sphincter relaxes again, you can slowly go deeper and faster into the anus. Anal sex should not hurt, but it can be, especially during the first time, that it does very well. A larger penis can be more painful than a small one. With patience, consultation and practice and with a lot of lubricant it is possible to enjoy it intensely. And that’s all what matters.

Always use lubricant

Always use lubricant in anal sex, since the anus does not produce any fluid and the skin is very sensitive, causing rapid wounds. The more lubricant you use, the better. When you wear a condom, always use water-based lubricant. If you go inside without a condom then silicone-based lubricant is the best option. This lubricant stays better and provides hours of sliding fun. Remember that you can get an STD through anal sex and it is therefore wise to always use a condom. In anal sex, there is a lot more friction, so that small wounds in the anus can promote infection with an STD or HIV. Especially with loose contacts the use of a condom is therefore highly recommended.

How do you keep anal sex hygienic and safe?

Maybe you’re nervous about going to anal sex because you wonder if your anus is clean enough. I almost hear you think: there will be poo on his penis soon. Do not you think it’s a fresh idea that there is a chance that feces may end up on the fingers, penis or even tongue of your partner, and then anal flushing can be a godsend? This means that you rinse your rectum by putting water in your rectum and let it out again.

You can simply rinse your anus with the shower hose. In our web shop you can buy attachments that you can put on the shower hose. But there are also hand pumps that you can fill with water and of course you can use enemas for an optimal clean feeling. Anal flushing is not without risks, because it removes not only the faeces but also a part of your intestinal flora. Also, due to too much water or too high a pressure, small cracks can develop in your intestinal mucus, which in turn increases the risk of an STD or HIV. So only do it if you really think it’s necessary, because if you eat healthy, have regular bowel movements and are hygienic, anal sex does not have to end in a mess.

Different positions and anal sex toys

When penetrated deeper into the anus, a place can be reached that is extra sensitive to sexual stimuli. With enough stimulation of the prostate, this can cause a very intense orgasm. And of course everyone wants that. It is not that there is one particular position that makes you explode, because it is very personal what you like and enjoy. Also for anal sex there are many different positions, so you can alternate and discover what feels good to you.

So one person can lie on his back with his legs on the shoulders of his partner. This allows you to penetrate deeper. Or go on your hands and knees for the famous doggy style. Or you opt for spoon-spoon so you also have your hands free to caress each other. Enjoy what you like.

Are you already experienced in the field of anal sex and are you looking for a challenge? Keep it exciting between the sheets with sex toys. There are plenty of toys that can be used anally, such as a butt plug, dildo and anal beads. Especially when you have been doing anal sex for a bit longer, the use of sex toys can be an enrichment of your sex life. Try it at your foreplay!

Anal Beads and Beads

The ultimate advanced toy to try out. How many beads can you bring in? Choose your favorite from our infinite collection of anal beads! It is the intention to remove the balls at the time of orgasm. It is also important that you use a lot of anal lubricant (water basis), you have this in many species, see our section anal lubricants.

Are you looking for other balls?

Perhaps you have heard of it but do not know what an inflatable dildo is exactly and what you can use it for. You might think that a so-called inflatable dildo is fun for parties and parties, is it such a balloon in the shape of a penis? Of course, the inflatable dildos available on are meant for a completely different purpose, namely to give you as much fun as possible. Such an artificial penis is inflatable by hand pump or sometimes also by an automatic pump. The toys are usually made of flexible and easily stretchable material such as rubber or silicone so that the fake penis can easily become longer and thicker.

You may think that you need a lot of experience to be able to insert an inflatable penis, but nothing is less true. The toys are suitable for both experienced users and starters. As a start-up, you can even discover just how far you can go with an artificial penis. Because the dildo can take various sizes, it is actually suitable for everyone. You can also insert it anally but this is a bit trickier because inflatable dildos are often softer and you can put less pressure on your dark tight hole. Visit loveplugs to purchase your first anal beads.