What are the Tips and Benefits of Using Butt Plugs

He is called anal plug, daily dildo, Corky or just butt plug. He expands the sphincter relish and stimulates the male prostate. The love toys for anal use are usually tapered “plug” made of rubber, plastic or silicone. Since they are not fully introduced, butt plugs are usually provided with a foot that anchors the plug between the buttocks.

Anal plugs are provided with a little condom-compatible lubricant and gently introduced rectally. After the thickest part of the anal toys has passed through the sphincter, the foot prevents further penetration and keeps the Corky optimally in position. Thus, the daily dildo sits safely and can also be worn occasionally under clothing, while riding a motorcycle, biking, etc. Get chunky ideas from the Healthybear.com on using butt plug.

Anal toys train the sphincter and stimulate the libido

Butt plugs and hemorrhoids of moderate size train the sphincter to accommodate larger items and for anal intercourse. In the male the plug provokes feelings of pleasure through the stimulation of the sphincter and the prostate. Especially when walking, running and during partner sex, an anal plug pleasurably massages the prostate gland and prepares a particularly intense feeling during ejaculation.

Dildos and butt plugs in a large selection and at attractive prices, we present you in the following categories. Please also note our offer of big thick Corky, the Monster Plugs, as well as the high-quality variants of hard borosilicate special glass. There are also some see-through glass butt plugs that you can find at recommended brands like Loveplugs. In the category Biker Plugs motorcyclists and cyclists will find particularly elastic plugs with moderate dimensions.

What is an anal stopper, what does a stopper look like and what is a but plug or a butt plug?

You do not know the butt plug? Or just need more info? You are in the right place. Experts will help you to get to know the first-class sex toy. The ugly expression for the butt plug or butt plug is anal plug also anal plug, butt plug, anal cones and anal plug called. It is a sex toy between piercing (anal jewelry) and a dildo but is usually shorter and conical, so that the intestinal wall cannot be damaged.

Anal plugs are used for the perception as well as the anal beads of the anal chain of sexual well-being and also in preparation for anal sex. The butt plug is suitable for both women and men, so in fact for all.

Why a butt plug? Who does that?

Anal sex is such a thing. If you ask in the circle of acquaintances for Greek sex as the whole is also called, that seems to be very different. At least one does not talk about it. That could be because Greek sex (it is believed that the term Greek sex comes from ancient times and is related to the highly respected position of male partnerships) is still considered “dirty”. After all, the anus is primarily responsible for eliminating digested food. When choosing a butt plugs always consider what other user says, check social platforms such as the Love Plugs instagram.

Who likes to admit that exactly there undreamt-of sources of pleasure can be discovered?

According to estimates, about 50% of heterosexual couples in Germany have already had experience with anal intercourse, while the proportion of couples who regularly practice anal intercourse is considerably lower. According to statistics, anal intercourse has increased, compared to previous years.

What brings me a butt plug / butt plug?

Due to innumerable fine nerve endings, the anus is a very pleasurable erogenous zone inside and outside the woman and man. Therefore, the use of an anal plug or butt plug brings a lot of pleasure and thus provides for an intense satisfaction.

It is extremely pleasurable for a woman to be filled in front and back. Wearing an anal plug in the woman’s anus narrows the vagina at the same time. The longer you wear the butt plug, the more anal muscles will relax and open. If the routine gnaws on your sex life slowly, then it’s time to try something new. Forget the prejudices and try to increase your love life with an anal plug. In a nutshell: With an anal plug you go to the back door in a class of its own.

How to use an anal plug or butt plug?

Take a well-water-soluble lubricant on the anus and coat the front part of the anal plug or Butt Plug with the anus. Applying light pressure is then inserted into the anus and then left in place for a few minutes to relax and stretch the rectal muscles. The sphincter clasps the shaft. The larger end or stopper of the anal stopper prevents slipping of the plug into the anus. Due to its special shape, the introduced anal stopper holds itself effortlessly like a well-fitting stopper by itself at its destination. Depending on the size they are barely, or just very noticeable.

As you progressively increase the size of butt plugs, you can gradually get into something bigger, like the vibrator or the penis. Slow and with a lot of feeling, an anal stopper offers a lot of pleasure for relatively little money.

How long can an anal plug or butt plug be worn?

You can use your butt plug over a period of a few minutes or even as an experienced user, the plug even while running, shopping, or in the office, etc. for several hours. Movement while wearing can provide additional sexual stimulation. But you should provide him with lubricant every now and then. A big trend in the game with the other desire is to indulge in everyday life and wear a butt plug as a private secret under clothing. It’s like jade eggs in yoga sessions — they can be worn for a long time.

The different materials

Before you go on a shopping tour, Experts have some information about the different materials.

1st butt plug starter sets

If you do not have much experience with anal sex but have become curious, then you should definitely take a look at our Butt plug starter sets. Such a set consists of butt plugs in various sizes, lubricants and other useful products. So you can easily experiment and incidentally find out what size your Butt plug should have. Butt plug Starter Set are also a great addition to the toy collection of experimenting couples. You get that with a Butt plug Starter-Set:

  • Anal stimulation
  • Toys for couples.
  • Intense and erotic.

Vibrating butt plug

Butt plugs with vibration function are available in different materials mostly they are made of silicone. Most models have different vibration programs and are powered by batteries. Especially appealing: A vibrating butt plug with remote control. You get that with a vibrating butt plug: Anal stimulation; Vibrations throughout the butt plug.